Organisational Projects

Industry Research

Ultimately strategy should be an organisation’s intended and planned response to changes that it will face in its environment.

Simplistically, if there is no change anticipated there is no need for strategy. Observable change, on the other hand, is about both predictable trends and uncertainties, which need to be separated and understood in order to decide what their impact will be. Change occurs both at an industry level as well as in the more direct marketplace of organisations.

LDA conducts industry and marketplace research to:

  • enrich strategic workshops
  • assist organisational change projects
  • assess legislative change impacts
  • implement sound corporate governance
  • determine local and international business development opportunities
  • identify leadership and management trends internationally

Organisational Health

LDA has teamed up with Afriforte to provide organisations with a number of internationally acknowledge and accredited tools that facilitate the identification of organisational health risks.

One such tool is the Organisational Human Factor Benchmark which utilises a Risk Management Framework

 The Organisation’s integrated human factor risk management process aims to:

  • align human factor risks with strategy;
  • enhance human factor risk response decisions and identify opportunities for business improvement; and
  • identify and manage line function and whole-of-Organisation human factor risks proactively

Workshop Facilitation

The implementation and execution of an organisation’s strategic objectives is imperative for the success of the organisation, and the planning and execution thereof needs to be managed stringently.

Organisations will require a mechanism to monitor the implementation and execution of the strategic thrusts. To give effect to the creation of a successful implementation plan, LDA recommends a 1½ day workshop.

The components of the Workshop include:

  • Summary of the Strategy Plan
  • Identification of Strategic Drivers, Success Factors, Strategic Objections and Actions / Tactics to achieve the Objectives
  • Identification of the accountable resources / teams
  • Training on use of ec@ps strategy monitoring system
  • Inputting of strategic objectives and Actions / Tactics by responsible resources

Personalised Business Interventions

By combining elements of LDA’s Products and Services, a unique project aimed at solving an organisation’s challenge is developed. Organisations are able to customize an offering by selecting elements of the various LDA Products and Services.

Over and above the LDA product offering LDA has conducted some of the following functions within organisational projects:

  • Restructuring interventions – Communication, JD’s etc.
  • Process reengineering – Business Process Plans
  • Assisting with matching skills requirement to achieve company strategy
  • Skills Audit
  • Drafting of SLA’s
  • Development of Learnerships – Healthcare


Client Comments

LDA's informal yet very professional approach assisted unlocking great value from all and we highly recommend LDA and the full range of services they provided to us namely Strategic development workshops, implementation of the outcomes into to a practical electronic system.

Johan Struwig, Director, Namibia Plastics

Napotel experienced excellent service, delivery and meaningful outcomes form the sessions. The manner in which LDA facilitated the Workshops was extremely well received by participants and in particular the service post the Workshops was highly appreciated. LDA’s approach is certainly one of knowledge transfer and skill enhancement and they have provided us with ongoing inputs and supports post the sessions.

Ms LD Nashandhi, Chairperson - Napotel Medical Aid Fund, Namibia

The LDA leadership training program had an immediate positive impact on the employees of the Bank. It helped everyone refocus on the Bank’s Vision, Mission and execution of the Bank’ strategy. A noticeable result from my observation has been an improvement in communication and relations among employees and a feeling of purpose in their respective roles in DBN.

Martin Inkumbi, CEO - Development Bank of Namibia

We appointed LDA to assist with a restructuring and focused training program within our company. Their willingness to share experiences and expertise with us has resulted in a visible change in our company's management teams, direction and our service offering.

Callie Schafer, MD - Prosperity Health, Namibia

LDA recently conducted a strategic retreat session for NAMAF. I would like to stress that their duties were executed with professionalism, dedication, enthusiasm and accuracy at all times. This was noted with much appreciation and I would highly recommend LDA to any prospective client.

Gabriel Mbapaha, CEO - NAMAF, Namibia